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How to price your window cleaning jobs

How to Price Your Window Cleaning Jobs

Perhaps one of the biggest worries for window cleaning companies is how to charge for your window cleaning jobs. Your fist consideration is that your earnings from the business will go to the cost of managing your window cleaning enterprise in addition to putting food on the kitchen and a roof over your head.

Initially you have to set an earning target. Start with an on an hourly basis aim rate, and then proceed to your month to month goal rate. This will give you a great breakdown of what amount you are prepared to work with and earn, if you fulfill the objective, then that is good, if you go over it, then that's very good! Keep in mind that a deciding factor for this is your skills in window cleaning. Until you've been around for some time in the window cleaning business you're still unskilled. But through time will acquire the skills necessary to effectively and competitively charge your window cleaning jobs.

Perform some market research and examine the price range of housing window cleaning jobs around your service area. Depending on the size of the house and the size of the windows, the price can move up or decrease. The two things that may help you to determine how you can charge for your window cleaning jobs are the per window price and also what the local window cleaning market place offer.

Pricing window cleaning jobs for commercial companies are a bit different. Quite often a per window price will cost lower than residential jobs. Reason for this is simply because there is an increased level of competition, simpler window styles, and in many cases you may be asked to clean the outside glass only.

Lastly don't let yourself be afraid to check your pricing for window cleaning jobs to other local window cleaning firms. You can find those who won't be afraid to talk about their pricing information with you and will inspire a healthy and competitive market place for everyone. On the other hand you have to veer far from rivals who are offering very cheap pricing, they may appear to have their hands full always, but in reality they aren’t lucrative.


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